Helping A Friend

Are you visiting this website to assist a friend who may be facing an unplanned pregnancy? If so, your friend is fortunate to have someone like you who cares enough to provide information and support.

Your friend may be feeling scared about the possibility of being pregnant and may be considering abortion as her only option. The first step you can take is to encourage her to confirm the pregnancy at our center. It’s important to ensure she knows for certain before making any decisions. Consider accompanying her on the visit. All of our services are free and confidential, and our center is a safe and confidential space. We’re here to support your friend in exploring all her options and provide her with compassionate assistance.

If the test is positive, we offer detailed information about all available options, including parenting, marriage, adoption, or abortion, as well as extensive support services. Many women initially feel like they have no other choice but to abort their babies, but with our physical and emotional support services, many women realize that they have other options.

It’s important to recognize that your friend’s decision will also affect you. If she is considering abortion, encourage her to take the time to investigate all her options. Rushing into a decision may cause regrets later. Supporting your friend through this experience is vital, and we’re here to provide the best assistance possible.

It’s important to understand that those who have accompanied women to abortion facilities may feel “responsible” and experience trauma afterward. Abortion is not an easy or safe option for anyone involved. Many women who have had abortions share that they felt anger towards those who assisted them because they did not stop them from making a choice they later regretted. This could be a life-changing moment for you, so being a supportive friend by providing her with the best available support through our center is crucial.

Help her to learn more about what a preborn child looks like: HERE

Regardless of your personal stance on abortion, it’s important to provide your friend with all the information and support she needs to make an informed decision. If she’s set on having an abortion, it’s okay if you choose not to accompany her to the facility – it doesn’t make you any less of a friend. Instead, you can encourage her to visit our center where she can explore all her options and receive compassionate support. By doing so, you can look back on this experience knowing that you provided your friend with the help she needed during a difficult time.

If you are the father of the baby, visit our “For Men” page for more specific information.